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Drywall - suspended gypsum board ceilings, plasterboard ceilings, stretch ceiling - K-Extreme.

Suspended ceilings, stretch ceilings, plasterboard.

Drywall and seilings ideas - K-Extreme Ltd.

Suspended ceilings. Gypsum board ceilings. Stretch ceilings. Drywall ceilings with plasterboard, with figures and LED lighting - Design and installation. Ceilings ideas !


Photos of plasterboard ceilings, stretch ceilings, concealed lighting, decorations, trims, shapes, racks, etc. as well as information about us can be found in our photo albums:

Interior drywall ceilings designs photos in shops, restaurants.

Gypsum board ceiling photos house ceiling design pictures.

Ceiling designs ideas for offices drywall ceilings photo gallery.

Interior plasters, decorative putty and paints photo gallery.

Stretch ceilings - design, supply, installation. Art stretch ceilings.

About Us. Drywall ceilings and walls in working order.

Three dimensional ceilings design - 3D projects of ceilings.

Video - ceilings, plasters, walls and visualization of 3D projects.


Installation of RGB Color Changing LED strip in stretch ceilings, suspended ceilings, concealed lighting - in this video you can see one of the many programs the controller that is switched by remote ...


More video you can see in our video galleries - Installation of suspended ceilings.


Three-dimensional design of plasterboard ceilings, stretch ceiling, stretch wall, LED lighting, spotlights.


Walls and ceilings of plasterboard.

Figures of drywall in false ceilings.

Suspended plasterboard ceilings with rounded forms of gypsum board in the living room.


Suspended plasterboard ceilings on three levels

in the store. Interior plasters!

Suspended plasterboard ceiling on three levels in the shop with spotlights and decorative plaster!


Stretch ceilings, ART stretch ceilings. Stretch walls. Illuminated stretch ceilings and walls.

Stretch ceilings, ART stretch ceilings. Stretch walls.


All ceilings and plaster figures, racks, and decorative trim on this site, and yet many others who have posted here have been met in three-dimensional interior designs drawn up by

engineer Joro Tuparov!



Site is updated regularly! New :

Added projects false ceilings.

Added new pictures of stretch ceilings,

plasterboard ceilings, suspended ceilings.



Photos of ceilings, ceilings ideas and interiors :


Silhouette of woman with plasterboard.

Silhouette of woman with plasterboard.

Three-dimensional design of the ceiling of plasterboard with cornices - living room and dining room.

3D design of the ceiling of plasterboard.

Stretch ceiling K-Extreme with chandelier.

Stretch ceiling with chandelier.

Ceilings ideas - Plasterboard ceiling with intricate shapes in a bedroom.

Plasterboard ceiling

in a bedroom.

Plasterboard ceiling in combination with stretch ceiling in living room, LED lighting.

Plasterboard ceiling

and stretch ceiling.

Ceiling design - Drywall ceiling with plasterboard figures in the dining room.

Drywall ceiling with plasterboard figures.

Ceiling Design Ideas - Three-dimensional design of the ceiling of gypsum board in the bedroom.

Ceiling Design Ideas

in the bedroom

Ceilings ideas - Plasterboard ceiling on several levels with concealed LED lighting.

Plasterboard ceiling on several levels.

Drywall plasterboard ceiling on several levels with spotlights type starry sky in the corridor.

Drywall ceiling in the corridor.

ART stretch ceiling with photoprint "Planets" in the bedroom with a diode lighting above the ceiling.

ART stretch ceiling with photoprint "Planets".





Ceilings interior design - suspended ceilings, plasterboard ceiling, stretch ceilings.



Certificate of KNAUF for installation of gypsum board by K-Extreme.

Three-dimensional design, computer visualization and installation of suspended ceilings,

drywall, false ceiling, gypsum board ceilings, plasterboard ceilings,

cladding noise - and heat - insulation, columns and fireplaces with plasterboard KNAUF.


Design, supply and installation of stretch ceilings and art stretch ceilings

with your photos or catalog.


Luxury performances of interior decorative plasters and mortars OIKOS.

Venetian plaster with effects. Complete interior renovations.


K - Extreme is an importer and distributor of stretch ceilings.

K-Extreme Ltd is certified for quality by KNAUF !



KNAUF drywall systems, suspended gypsum board ceilings, stretch ceilings.



Suspended ceiling with Knauf Cleaneo in the bedroom.

Knauf Cleaneo - sound design-surface with catalytic additives that break down smelly and toxic substance - cigarette smoke, smelling of fish and faeces, formaldehyde, acetaldehyde, dodecyl, ammonia, benzene (automotive gas, paints), aromatic and chlorinated hydrocarbons, etc. More info - Knauf Cleaneo, photo ceiling with Knauf Cleaneo.


Drywall - plasterboard ceilings solves both problems sound insulation, heat insulation , acoustics and fire, and on the finished surface can immediately be painted, glued to wall and floor tiles, to make Venetian plaster , Venetian plaster or other decorative plasters. K-Extreme uses Italian decorative paints and plasters OIKOS.

Plasterboard ceilings and interior plaster on the walls in the living room.


Drywall - Plasterboard ceilings and walls in the bedroom with interior plasters.

Partition walls drywall plasterboard with mineral wool, with a total thickness of 100 mm. achieved according to the Ordinance requirements for sound insulation and 60 minutes fire resistance limit. Interior walls with holes of various shapes, with niches, concealed lighting can be made only with plasterboard and then be treated with Venetian plaster.


Upon renewal or renovation of old buildings with wooden beams or metal structures through the application of dry construction - suspended ceilings and plasterboard walls or ceilings stretch, avoid any undesirable wet processes and simultaneously the additional load on the existing structure is negligible and safe.

Ideas for living room ceilings - gypsum board ceiling in the living room with discreet lighting.


Plasterboard ceiling in the bedroom.

In new construction and betting systems for dry construction with installation of gypsum in nenoseshtite walls, suspended ceilings and furring for ten times its own weight lower than ceramic partition walls, plastering required, to achieve savings and reinforcement concrete in the order of 21 to 25%.


With regard to seismic stability of buildings - nothing is more favorable than low constant loads, especially in the upper floor levels, and eliminating the transmission of horizontal and vertical loads on partition structures - and this is absolutely safe for installation details and links to the suspended ceilings with plasterboard and suspended ceilings with other structural elements.

False ceilings, stretch ceilings, LED lighting in the living room.


ART stretch ceiling with photoprint.

Stretch ceilings are moisture-resistant, durable, aesthetic and spectacular, in rich colors, which strike acoustic and thermal insulation can be cleaned with a damp cloth, and some even dying ... Stretch ceilings with artistic photo - K-Extreme ART - can recreate starry sky, sky with clouds, planets, galaxies, abstractions, landscapes, paintings. More information and photos - stretch ceilings.


Stretch walls - high quality PVC film for stretch ceilings can be mounted on the wall, niches, windows and false windows and stretch behind the wall can be mounted LED LED lighting, thereby achieving the effect - Light wall. The stretch wall can print a photo or picture from our catalog, which recreate a view from space, landscapes, forests, mountains, flowing stream, the ocean.

Three-dimensional design - ceilings with plasterboard, stretch ceilings, art stretch walls with photoprint.


Three-dimensional design - ceilings ideas - gypsum board ceilings, stretch ceilings, stretch walls with photoprint.

"K-Extreme" draw three-dimensional interior designs and perform a professional installation of suspended ceilings, gypsumboard ceilings, stretch ceilings , stretch wall, art stretch ceilings and walls with photoprint, LED lighting behind the PVC foil on the ceiling and walls, and a combination of suspended ceilings , stretch ceilings, walls taut, processed with interior plasters and putties - something without which today's interior would not up to date ...


"Time" factor is also important - fast installation of drywall construction and lack of moisture, and quick and clean installation of stretch ceiling significantly reduce the time of construction and into operation ie faster return on investment - particularly important in repair shops, offices, pubs, restaurants, stores and warehouses ...

Gypsum board ceilings in a shop.


Ceilings designs ideas - ceilings 3d interior design.

Only with the materials for gypsum dry wall, in combination with stretch ceilings can be implemented ideas and imagination of architects and designers, and the whims of demanding customers. Installation of drywall and stretch ceilings applicable in all seasons and waste is minimized. Three-dimensional designs and images of ceilings and interior walls can be seen in our albums and galleries.


False ceilings on several levels, with hidden lighting, LED strips and spotlights, chandeliers, appliques and decorations with a great shape, interior plasters and decorative plasters combined with stretch ceilings, stretch ceilings with artistic photo, give a memorable and unique Face.

Ceilings designs ideas - stretch ceiling, plasterboard ceiling.


Drywall ceilings in living room.

All this pre-rendered three-dimensional projects with our interior designers, and coupled with professional installation of K-Extreme, plus the perfect final result and durability, inevitably makes systems with gypsum drywall KNAUF, suspended ceilings, stretch ceilings K-Extreme irreplaceable!



Drywall ceilings in a store.

Installation of false ceilings of plasterboard.

"K-Extreme" made ​​installation of suspended ceilings of gypsum single or dual structure of the CD profiles with mineral wool insulation KNAUF.

Ceilings ideas - Plasterboard ceilings in a living room.


Installation of gypsum board ceilings in living room and dining room.

Installation of plasterboard, drywall.

K-Extreme offers installation of drywall - drywall walls, partition walls in the halls, warehouses and offices, pre cladding of the structure of the CD profiles, dry plaster, insulating.

Drywall Knauf - plasterboard partition wall with a height of 8 m.


Stretch ceilings, stretch walls, gypsum board ceilings.

Installation of stretch ceilings

'K-Extreme' made ​​installation of stretch ceilings, stretch wall, art stretch ceilings and walls with photo print.

Ceilings ideas - stretch ceilings, stretch walls, gypsum board ceilings.


Ceilings designs ideas - Interior ceilings with gypsum board figures in the kitchen.


Professional installation of interior ceilings with figures and forms of gypsum, a multi-level ceilings with complex geometry, with LED lights, spotlights, starry sky type crystal "Swarovski" with fiber optic fibers or LED diodes.

Stretch ceiling with fiber optics crystals


Suspended raster ceilings ARMSTRONG, OWA, AMF..

Installation of suspended ceilings - OWA, AMF, ARMSTRONG

'K-Extreme' done professional installation of suspended raster ceilings ARMSTRONG, OWA, AMF, which are used in offices, banks, hallways, bathrooms...

Installation of suspended raster ceilings ARMSTRONG, OWA, AMF.


Projects and ideas for suspended ceilings, stretch ceilings, interior walls.

Three-dimensional design - ceilings designs ideas.

'K-Extreme' draw Three dimensional projects ceilings, stretch ceilings, a combination of interior ceilings, stretch ceilings, as well as advice on choosing colors and interior plaster of the interior designer.

Ceilings ideas - 3D design of the gypsum board ceiling and stretch ceilings in the bedroom.


Supply and installation of LED spotlights, LED strips and chandeliers in suspended ceilings and stretch ceilings.

Installation of spotlights, chandeliers, RGB LED strip lights, fiber optics lighting, LED cristals.

Delivery and installation in suspended ceilings, stretch ceilings, drywall, false ceiling, gypsum board ceilings, plasterboard ceilings RGB LED strip lights, fiber optics lighting, LED cristals.

Supply and installation of LED crystals and crystals with fiber optics in the gypsum board ceiling and stretch ceilings.


Cornices, decorative elements, figures of gypsum board on ceilings and walls.

Decorative Mouldings, decorative figures from plasterboard.

Supply and installation of cornices, decorative pieces made ​​of plasterboard walls and ceilings, decorative columns, interior walls and ceilings with complex forms of gypsum board.

Raft of plasterboard in the shoe shop


Italian decorative plasters and paints OIKOS.

Decorative plaster, Interior plaster, Acrylic Paints.

K-Extreme has specialists - decorators laying plaster interior, interior plasters, Italian plasters and decorative paints.

Niches in the wall of plasterboard with Italian decorative plasters and paints OIKOS.


K-Extreme works with products of the company KNAUF - gypsum board, profiles and materials to ensure high quality and with

which you can explore the site of Knauf -





Installation of fireproof gypsum board on ceilings and interior walls in restaurant.


Installation of fireproof gypsum board on ceilings and interior walls in restaurant.




Eng. Joro Tuparov - tel: +359 889 220 978 - Russian

Manager - tel: +359 886 971 386 - English


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Installation of art stretch ceiling in a bedroom with a diode LED lighting.


Installation of art stretch ceiling in a bedroom with a diode LED lighting.


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