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Suspended ceilings ! Stretch ceilings !

Interior ceilings ! 3D Design !


Visualization of 3D projects - drywall, suspended plasterboard ceilings, stretch ceilings, interior plaster and paint.

Interior drywall ceilings - photos in shops, restaurants !

Interior drywall ceilings and plastering - photos in housing !

Pictures of walls and ceilings in offices and industrial sites !

Interior plasters, decorative plaster and paints !

Stretch ceilings - design, supply, installation. Art stretch ceilings.

About Us. Ceilings of plasterboard - in working order.

3D projects of interior ceilings. Three dimensional design.

Video - ceilings, plastering, and previews of projects .




Animated visualization of 3D designs of ceilings,

stretched ceilings, walls and niches in the walls

of gypsum board with concealed LED lighting,

spotlights and chandeliers, interior

plasters and paints ...



This is animation, where using the mouse

you can zoom in, or zoom out, to control speed, direction of gaze, etc.


Enjoy ...







Three-dimensional design of the casino - suspended ceiling of plasterboard on several levels,

rounded forms with hidden LED lighting and stretch ceiling.

To switch to another point click the arrow on the floor ...


If you wish to view it full screen -Preview casino project.

3D visualization of the project of drywall ceiling and stretch ceiling in an office.


3D design office.

3D visualization of the project of suspended plasterboard ceiling in an living-room.


3D design of living-room.

Project suspended gypsum board ceiling and stretched ceiling in the casino.


3D project in the casino.

3D visualization of the project of drywall ceiling in an office


Project drywall ceiling.


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